Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are included?

Right now we have Perl, PHP, JavaScript, HTML DOM, CSS, and MySQL. And we added Ruby to be hip. We're constantly working to add new resources and improve the ones we already have. If you have any suggestions please email us.

Can you add (insert language here)?

Of course. Send me an email:

Where do I send an idea for a feature?

Please email me at But, before you do, know that we are working on the following:

How do I get my site's content included?

Please email me at

How can I help?

Check out the contribute page.

Why does my content disappear in IE when I search for something else?

In IE, if the page you're looking at has any combo boxes in it, they are always on top of everything. The only way to make sure you don't have floating combo boxes in the middle of your search result is to hide the whole document.

Why, after browsing around in the documentation, does clicking maximize (or minimizing and restoring) takes me back to the first page I selected?

Because of security rules in browsers, we can't track where you go in the documentation. This is the best we can do. If you know a better way, drop me an email:

When I move back and forward the current document's title bar does weird things...

See above question.